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Reflection of the first 3 weeks of Uni

It has almost 3 weeks since i first started university at Leeds Met studying Photojournalism. The first week was the induction week. During this week i enrolled on the course and got told how to use the facilities available to me as a student at leeds met such as the library. This was vital as it means my student loan should come through (it still hasn’t) and also i know how to effectively use the resources available to me and apply them to related task set by the lecturers on my course. I feel that the first week was very informative and helpful and i am still working on getting my student loan through!

The first week of teaching was fairly laid back and just focused on making sure we understood what the course involved, the tasks that we would be expected to go off and complete and the software/blogging sites that we will be using throughout the course. We got sent off by Karl to go into the city center and take pictures of  5 things he had listed and them post them onto the Facebook page. This was all very beneficial as it helped me understand how to use the software basically such as Adobe illustrator and i can then use that as a stepping stone to go on and learn how to use more advance techniques.

On Sunday the 9th me and 11 other people moved into flat 19, none of us knew each other and I’m sure i wasn’t the only one that was nervous! Once all my room was unpacked and i had sent my mum home it was time to go and meet my new flat mates. I hung around the kitchen/social area for a bit and slowly my flat mates started to join me and the very awkward small talk began, this didn’t last for long when everyone realized that we all felt the same and we soon decided that it would be a good “bonding” session to go out and have a few beers, this then resulted i a very bad hangover on the Monday morning for the whole flat! I have also joined the American football team and i am really enjoying it and meeting lots of  people who have similar interest to me (sport, having a laugh, going out etc..)

I have yet to have any crazy nights out, apart from one where i cant remember getting home and that never happens to me i always seem to remember everything no matter how much i drink. Although i have the first American football social to attend next Wednesday and I’m sure that will be a experience as it is also the Varsity game.


What Kind of Journalist Are You?

One of the topics that i am interested in as a photojournalist is travel. I love the idea of being able to travel the world while documenting cultures and differences between different geographical locations and feeding it back to people who do not have the opportunity to go and explore these places themselves giving them a greater idea and knowledge of the world. 1 This URL shows exactly what i want to do where photojournalist fly to remote places, take extraordinary pictures then make the images easily accessible through their website, magazines and their tv channels. 2. This URL is about sea life around the world and has the latest technology in underwater photography enabling the viewer to experience animals in their natural habitats instead of in aquariums/zoo’s giving them more of  a insight into how these animals live. 3. Bear grylls is one of the most well known TV adventurers and host of many tv programmes such as man v wild and escape from the foreign legion. As well as going off into the wilderness in  extreme places with little kit he then has to navigate his way out of danger while explaining what he is doing and why. A photographer and film crew are also with him and manage to get some shots of him in places that hardly anyone has and ever will be able to get to/survive in so it gives a idea of how vast and inhabitable some of the areas on this planet are. 4. This blog is written by a photographer who is currently travelling around the middle east documenting the sights he see’s learning the culture as he travels. 5 Angus mainly shoots golf images for magazines but he has also done some documentary work and travelled to many places but the photographs i feel look the best and are a style that i would like to imitate is his black and white images taken during his trip to cuba.

A topic that i haven’t really thought about but i think i would really enjoy is car/motorbike photography as i am very interested in the subject so feel i would be able to use my knowledge of the subject to take the best pictures for the viewers and subsiquently be able to write a very knowledgable write up about the images.






In this lesson i feel it has helped me realise my goals and the field that i would like to work in. I know i already had a idea of what i would like to do but having a longer in depth think about it has confirmed what i would like to do in the future. The images that i have found are the kind of images that interest me and to be able to become a photojournalist and have the same opportunities the people that took those photographs have had would be a dream. Overall this has made me more motivated and determined to reach my goals.

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