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3 ways to save money on rail travel

3 ways to save money on rail travel.

As rail travel is getting more and more expensive everyday here are a few quick and fairly simple effective ways to avoid paying extortionate fare;

1. When booking train tickets online try and use different options. For example if your travelling from Leeds to Grantham try booking a ticket from Leeds to Doncaster then from Doncaster to Grantham, this works out cheaper than buying the one ticket from Leeds to Grantham. Make sure the times match and you will not have to leave your seat the whole journey!

2. Look at the different options of rail cards available to you. Student rail cards are fairly cheap compared to the money you save having one and if you travel fairly often on the train then i think a rail card is definitely a very easy and effective way to save money.

3. If you know your going to go somewhere on a certain date that requires travelling on a train try book as far in advanced as possible as the more advanced you book the cheaper the price usually.

During this task we got asked to make our own 3 bullet point list on anything we wanted. I chose rail travel as i felt it was a fairly relevant topic for students as we really notice how expensive rail travel has become. I included the 3 main ways I try and save money when traveling on the train. This probably isn’t the most interesting topic but i feel it is useful and may be used by people. The picture was taken by me at Loughborough Steam Trust, i chose to add this picture to the task as i feel it is relevant to the topic and is also a nice image. If i was to do this task again i would probably choose a more interesting topic that i could get more involved in as saving money on rail travel is fairly limited on how many ways you can save money where as something like the top 3 films of all time can change depending on the person who is doing the list as it is down to their own personal taste and preference.


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