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The story i am looking into is how horse meat has been discovered on the shelves of UK supermarkets without anyone knowing.


This link is to the Guardian website. The way that they have covered the story through the twists and turns it has had in the past month is by creating a fairly simple and easy to read timeline. This is a effective and way of getting information across, with no pictures and unnecessary information it is straight to the point as the each story isn’t exaggerating, its just the raw facts.

This is the link to the Mirrors website. They also decided to cover the events of this story by producing a timeline of the events. The events they have covered are not all facts as some of the information is still to be confirmed or just rumours. They have split up each story with a picture that relates to the article, this may be a more interesting read to some viewers but it is not the exact news and after reading all the information you may be overloaded where as with the Guardian sites timeline it just tells you what you need to know, not added stories or pictures.

Overall as most people are aware these papers are very different as they cater for different audiences. The guardian tends to focus on the more educated citizen so contains more informative and well explained information where as the mirrors audience tends to be for people such as builders etc who tend to just pick up the paper to see whats going on thanks to short snappy articles that get the story across fast and simply. By doing this the layout of their stories differ.


What Makes a Good Portrait

Family Portrait

Above is a picture of 3 brothers from Cuba sat ay home in their bedroom. I feel this portrait is really good at showing the viewer what the brothers life is like. Immediately it shows you that they are not very wealthy due to the unpainted damp walls around them. Also they have a big pile of clothes to the right that just looks like they have been chucked their out of the way as they don’t have anywhere to put them. The fan is on suggesting that it is very hot there and they are trying to keep cool, the fact it is a fan and not air-conditioning ¬†also shows they are not very wealthy. Despite all of this all 3 boys have a smile on their face and look like they have a positive outlook on life.

Boring portrait

I feel that this portrait i rather boring due to the fact the subject seems to blend in with the background as the image isn’t lit properly. It looks like the picture was taken with flash directly in front of the subject, this kills all lack of depth and makes the picture look dull. The portrait doesn’t really tell you much about the subject and his emotions seem neutral also.


This picture is of my brother climbing into a tractor at the farm he works at. I think this image sums up peoples perception of farmers and he fits into place perfectly here. I took this picture using my sony NEX-5 and its flash. I set the camera up on a tripod and set a 10second exposure, at the start of the exposure the flash fired off lighting up the tractor and the back of my brother. The rest of the light is either from the cab light in the tractor or the light pollution from the nearest town as it was about 11pm and pitch black outside.

Cameron Tractor

To me one of the last places i would expect to see a farmer in his work gear is in a office surrounded by expensive clean equipment. I feel he looks very out of place in this picture which is what i was trying to achieve. This picture was also taken on my Sony NEX-5. The lighting main lighting in this picture comes from the lamp on the desk, the laptop and pc on the dest also help with the lighting but are not as harsh as the lamp. I decided to keep the overhead light turned off to get the effect that he is working hard in the office late at night where as having the overhead light on i felt would ruin the feel to the image.

Cam In Office


Someone i know:

Cam and Holly 1

This is my brother Cameron who loves the outdoors and animals, especially his dog Holly so i decided to go on a walk with him and Holly to get this picture. It was a very foggy day but i felt this worked in the pictures favour as it creates a natural backdrop and the light is diffused so there is no harsh lighting in the image. The way he is knelt down in the field with his dog shows that he is very affectionate towards Holly and isn’t afraid of getting muddy and that he loves being out in the countryside! The smile on his face also shows that he is enjoying being outside even thou it isn’t a very nice sunny day.


This is a picture of Sebastian Vettel, a famous Formula 1 driver who races for the Red Bull team. He is known as a very kind and down to earth person who has time for all his fans and also has a cheeky/mischievous side to him. I used a wide aperture when taking this picture to blur out the background although you can still see that there are Formula 1 cars sat in the background. He isn’t looking straight at the camera and i feel this and the fact he has a smirk on his face gives the impression that he is fairly cheeky. With Sebastian being in his racing overalls and the background being Formula 1 cars even if you didn’t know who he was or have any interest into the sport you would probably have a good guess that he was a racing driver.

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