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Final Assignment, Magazine Story

Write a 500 word magazine story to go with your pictures.  This could be a short interview, some descriptive writing or some comment on the story.  This should be written in a style that is suitable for your target magazine.

Is this the year for the Economical and environmentally friendly sports car?

For the past 5 years many manufacturers have been focusing on hybrid family cars, but this is no good to the serious petrol head. We do not want to sacrifice power and performance. This year manufacturers have started to prove that we no longer have to with the launch of some of their latest hybrid and alternative fuelling technology. Documenting from the early days of super cars and comparing them with todays it is obvious the industry has came a long way.



Delage Bequet

This 1923 Delage Bequet was one of the earliest race cars. Fitted with a humongous 11.7litre V8 engine that was pretty much unstoppable during the GP races from 1923 to 1925 until the rulings changed. The Delage would of averaged a measly and wallet clenching 2mpg due to the size of the engine and the weight it was lugging around. Charging around the track on the skinny rubber tyres with literally no grip in the wet was a spectacle that gained the interest of the original GP crowd.



Lotus 56

Jumping to 1968 to the Lotus 56 indie car. This was the next big step in motor racing. The tall structures had been swapped for low, aerodynamic ones with weight trying to be lost throughout the process. The new turbine engine was capable of producing up to 600bhp, more power to weight ratio of any other car of its time. To produce the power the Lotus 56 had to incorporate a huge 280litre fuel tank into the design of the car to feed the kerosene slurping turbine.



lotus 72




McLarens MP4-27 (2012-2013 season)



The Lotus 72 from 1970 had a 3litre naturally aspirated V8, very similar to McLarens MP4-27 2013 F1 car that also has a V8 engine in. Although the V8 engine has decreased in size to a 2.4litre, this made it more fuel efficient and with the aid of 3 more gears than the Lotus the overall bhp was also improved, showing that the technology was allowing greater performance from smaller engines.


Formula Ford EcoBoost

The Formula Ford EcoBoost was produced as a 1off by Ford in 2012 to showcase the power you can get from their 1litre EcoBoost engine. Producing 200bhp from the engine combined with a ultra-lightweight chassis resulted in the 1litre turbocharged powered Ford being a track monster!  


Lotus Evora 414E

The 414E is powered by a electric motor, producing 300kw, the equivalent to 414bhp. This was showcased at the end of 2012. Could this be the new alternative to petrol? Is electricity the new petrol? 


Lotus F1 (2013-2014 season)

The regulations for this years Formula 1 has had a drastic change on the cars. They have moved from 2.4l V8 to 1.6l turbocharged v6’s due to a 100kg fuel limit per race. Even the top motor sports are becoming more economical.


Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive

First revealed in 2013 the AMG Electric Drive has over 700bhp with 0-60mph in under 4seconds. The showcase of this has sparked rival companies such as Porsche and McLaren to focus on their production of a electric sports car.


McLaren P1

Available for the public since 2014. The P1 combines a electric motor that works alongside a additional petrol motor. This combination allows 34mpg average but with a 0-60mph time of under 3seconds! Its considered to be the start of the next generation super car.


Peugeot Onyx Concept

Peugeot have even jumped on the Hybrid wagon with their concept car. Said to combine their v8 race engine with hybrid technology producing a apparent 680bhp.




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