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Final Assignment

Write a 500 word reflective evaluation of your final assignment that gives an account of your research for your assignment and a critical assessment of the decisions that you made about the content and research for this assignment.  Did you have to change anything about your project whilst you were working on it?  Give an account of the decisions that you made?

The brief of the modules final assignment was to find a “current issue” that can be aimed to be featured in a certain publication. My final assignment idea is to do with motor sports, and have the days of big fuel guzzling super cars and race cars ended? This is because 2 of the biggest names in the super car world, Mclaren and Porsche have both released production cars with dual motors (one petrol and one electric motor within one car) The magazine I am aiming for is the TopGear magazine.


Understanding the way motor sports and super cars are going I felt was a crucial part of this assignment as for it to be published in such a prestigious motoring magazine such as top gear you have to know everything as many of the readers will be very knowledgable on the subject too. Looking at how I could then document the change in the motor sport industry got me thinking, as I do not have a massive backlog of photographs of all the old super cars and race cars so I had to do the next best thing. Go to a motor show where I knew there would be a range of old/vintage cars up to the brand new prototypes.


I have researched many car/motor sport photographers and these have influenced the way I’ve taken my photos in the past, but as this was going to be a more factual documentary piece on how the cars have changed I felt that the images had to be clear and obvious on what the cars were in the images. This made me re-think the way I should take my photographs for this assignment and I found that Justin Leighton produced the same style of images that I was looking to produce. He is able to capture cars in such a way that it is clear on what the car is (vital for my assignment) but also in the same photo is able to make it look interesting and arty, not just a square on picture of a car.

With the style of my photographs narrowed down the style of my writing would be the next major thing to research and plan out. TopGear is known as a very witty, knowledgable and informative magazine catering for petrol heads that are seriously interested in cars. The magazine has articles in its monthly issues that review new cars and also compare a range of cars over the same tests. I would be trying to compare the difference in the old style of super cars and race cars compared to the modern, more emission conscious super cars and race cars.

I decided to take my photographs at GoodWood Festival of speed as I have previously been there and I knew that the range of cars there is one of the best in the country and thought it would be perfect to photograph for this assignment.


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