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Main Assignment Proposal

This feature must be a documentary feature that is suitable for an existing editorial publication.  It could be a news story or a feature story based on a current issue.  You will have to produce a proposal for your story that is aimed at an existing publication or website, and present it during the tutorials in week 7.  You will then work on your feature story and deliver an edited set of ten pictures as your final assignment.

As the prices of fuel, car tax and emission charges in certain cities continue to rise even the so called untouchable super car owners are starting to look at alternative ways to becoming more efficient. One of the newest ways that is starting to come in to production is Hybrid cars, they combine both a electric motor and a petrol engine within a car to try and reduce the amount of emissions and cost of general running. Although this technology is relatively new it has been successful with the like of the Toyota Prius. The Prius is a very boring family car, nothing like a super car so  the super car manufacturers have started looking at ways they can keep or in some cases even improve the performance of their cars while trying to reduces emissions and increasing mpg statistics. As I have been interested in motorsports from a early age even I have seen the technology advance and change in cars and motor sports. I felt it would be interesting to document the change of the way cars have been manufactured (mainly the engines) over the past 100years. Starting from the massive 12litre V8’s up to todays 1litre sports cars. As its something I’m interested in I feel if written for the right magazine people will be intrigued into how they have changed, and why have they changed? The photos taken by myself would have to be clear and obvious as to what is in the image to give the reader the clearest view possible on the subject being talked about.

TopGear magazine is a magazine I read regularly therefore I am familiar with the way it is written and what articles within it contain. As the magazines target audience are people who are interested in cars I felt that the article I am planning to write would be of interested to TopGears target audience.



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