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Week Four, Negotiated Photography

Photographers sometime to get exclusive and insightful photographs have to negotiate there way into certain places allowing them opportunities not normally allowed. Photographers can spend several years building trust that can then provide them with a insight into someones life with no barriers. Negotiating is a very important part of Photojournalism and especially documentary photography. 

During the lecture we got shown a couple of series of photographs that the photographers had negotiated to be able to take the photos. Some were fairly sensitive subjects such as the fallen soldiers one where Ashley Gilbertson would speak to the families of fallen soldiers to enable access into the soldiers room to take photographs of their room. Gilbertson would of spent months building up the trust of the families before they would allow him to publicise the personal space of their lost relative.

Another example of this is a Channel 4 documentary on Gypsy’s. While watching the programme it was obvious that the gypsy’s were comfortable with the cameras around them and therefore were acting natural. The natural footage that Channel 4 were able to get was only made possible by the trust they gained by the people they were filming. 

For the hidden places assignment I was asked to negotiate access to somewhere that is not usually seen. Take a set of pictures that describes what is happens in the place and also expresses your point of view as a spectator in a private or forbidden world.

I really wanted to do something to do with my passion, Motorsport’s. I had a idea that I could contact several race teams and see if any of them got back to me. Unfortunately this time none of them replied to my e-mails so I soon realised I had to go down a separate route. One of my dads friends is friends with a race chief who has a team that races in the British Superbike Championship. I was able to obtain Pauls number (The Race Chief) and give him a call. I phoned him up and explained who I was and what I was studying at University and then went onto explain the assignment I had been set. He seemed interested and asked me to e-mail him more information on what I was wanting to do. Here are the e-mails:Image

The e-mail below is what Paul sent to the Media office of the track I was going to attend.


I was unable to gain a media pass to go around the track but my original idea of taking photographs in the pits was still fine.


Unfortunately I was unable to complete this due to being called into court as a Prosecution Witness. After putting all the hard work and planning into this I was gutted that I was unable to complete this. I hope you can understand this and see that I had everything in place to go and take the photographs and the reason it wasn’t completed is completely out of my control. I am now looking to quickly organised another option for this assignment.



Week 3, Street Photography

One of the most popular street photographers at the minute is Brandon Stanton. He is known for his project called “Humans of Newyork”. The project originally began on tumblr but since then a book has been published and topped the New York Times’ best sellers list. He goes around New York meeting the inhabitants out on the streets. After chatting to them and getting their story he then takes a photograph of the person and then uploads it to the internet coupled with a quote they said.

Here are a few screen shots from his Facebook Page:ImageImage


For the street photography assignment I narrowed the four options down to two. The two i was left with were After Hours and Fast Food. 

After Hours: People on a night out, Restaurants empty/offices/bus stations, street cleaners after a saturday night cleaning up the mess before people get up on sunday morning.

Fast Food: People eating, street stalls selling food, fast food restaurants, all different cliental that eat fast food, litter from fast food.


After weighing up both sides I have decided to use the idea of fast food for my street photography assignment. I have chosen this over After hours as I am going to try and capture the different types of people that eat fast food from different classes to different ethnic groups.


Week 2, Street Photography

“Street photographs are telling objects, portraying how individuals perform their identities in public”

Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spizer quoted by Jennifer Tucker Eye on the Street: Photography in Urban Public Spaces Radical History Review September 2012


After looking through different examples of street photography from past to present and all the different styles of street photography, from in the face of the subject to surreptitious photographs. I liked the idea and method that Walker Evans used. He was able to get very close to the subject of his photographs by hiding his camera in his bag and to take the picture he had a shutter release cable running down his sleeve. The way he went about taking the photographs enabled him to get a close up but natural photograph as the subjects were unaware there photographs were being taken. Although I like his idea and the way he adapted his camera and accessories I am not sure if I would be too happy if I discovered someone was taking a picture of me using a camera hidden away.



Week 1, Magazines

Magazine Markets:


-Newspaper Supplements

-Business to Business 

-In house Journals

-Independant or Alternative 

-News and Educational


The Readers:

The way the readers are categorised is by age group or relationship status. This is used by magazine publishers to decide what is to be included in the magazine to appeal to the target audience. The adverts in the magazine will also be aimed at the same audience the magazine is trying to cater for. 

Semiotics in a Magazine:

  • Magazines construct signs to communicate social meanings for their readers
  • These signs relate to an ideology that appear natural in the context of the magazine
  • The ideology that the magazine constructs relates to the advertising that the magazine attracts.

Reasons to research magazines:

To understand who will see your pictures, what they will expect to see in certain magazines, what they expect not to see in certain magazines and how will you gain their interest?

After doing this you can then get a story, decide what you can say about the story and in what way you wish to tell the story. Depending on all these factors you can then go on to decide where your story can be published.


During this Lecture I have realised the importance of writing to suit the reader/magazine. There is no point in writing a really good piece on “The best mountain walks in Scotland” and then putting it in HEAT magazine, as this is not your intended audience and the majority of HEAT readers will not be interested in your story. Where if you put it into a walking magazine all the readers will be interested as they are your target audience. 

Metz Flash

This is the picture i took that i feel describes me:



I set this picture up like this as i feel it describes a lot about me. The main object in the picture is my american football helmet which shows i play the game, in the background you can see some of my CD collection piled up showing i am into my music and like to buy the hard copy. Also you may just be able to make out the charger for my camera as photography is another passion of mine.

I like the way this photograph as turned out as the main focus is on my American football helmet (my main passion) then surrounding the helmet are some of my other passions.

Research for my final assignment

Raw Issue:

The way i would present the raw issue is by taking pictures of natural and untouched things.

Here are a few images for this idea i have found while doing my research:


Raw 2

The other way you could look at it is use the title raw to expose certain ways of life that may tend to be overlooked by most people, or people are just not aware of them. Here are a few images that explain this idea:

Homeless man sleeping rough , London , England , UK

Raw 4

The second topic we could choose from was Austerity. To me austerity is sternness or severity of mannerisms or attitude.

For this the thing that immediately pops into mind is riots. As riots are held by people with stern opinions and attitudes towards a thing they are rioting or campaigning for.

Here are some images i found in my research for this title:

austerity 1

Austerity 2

The final choice we had is Fast. As soon as i saw this title i just thought of pictures with varying shutter speeds in to create motion blur.

Here are some of the images in the style that i would try and do for the fast issue:



After researching into the three titles we had been given i have decided to choose the Fast issue. This is due to the interest i have in cars and how i regularly attend car shows enabling me to take multiple images for the assignment. During this assignment i will create image that contain motion blur and but i will also take pictures of super cars that are parked up as i feel some of the super cars do not need to be moving to show they are fast, the make, presence and styling is a big enough signifier to show this.



For this task i took a walk to Kirkstall Abbey, although it is only about 2 miles away from where i live i had never seen it before so i thought it would be interesting to take a walk over to get the atmosphere of the area. After getting lost a few times i finally arrived at the Abbey. As it was a sunny day there were plenty of people soaking up the sun with the grand abbey towering over them.

These are just a few of the pictures i took on my trip to the Abbey.

Kirkstall abbey 1 b&w

This is probably my favourite photo that i took, i like the way that the trees seem to frame the abbey and that you can see a crow flying next to the abbey. I think the crow really adds to the sinister look of the abandoned abbey.

Kirkstall Abbey 4 b&w

I decided to turn all of the photographs i took black and white and increase the contrast as i feel it suited the abbey a lot better than a colour photograph as it almost looks like it was taken on a old 35mm film camera.

Kirkstal abbey 2 b&w

This image really shows how grand the abbey is by filling up most of the frame. Due to their being no windows in the abbey you can see straight through to the other side and the strong sunlight helps the atmosphere of this photograph i feel.


As it was a rare nice day when i took these photos the sky was clear which in this case i feel is unfortunate as if there was some moody clouds in the sky i think it really would of finished off the photos well and fitted the atmosphere better than the clear sky.


For this task we were asked to create a panorama image photoshop and then add a object into the image which wasn’t there in the original photograph.

To make a panorama image on photoshop is fairly simple and it doesn’t take much skill;

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 18.57.12

First you start by going to file,  automate then photomerge

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 18.59.03

You then select all the images you want to use for the panoramic photograph.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 19.11.00

Once you have selected them after a few minutes photoshop will of created a panoramic image for you. Sometimes you will need to crop the image as sometimes the full photograph doesn’t fill up the image window.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 19.20.24

After i had cropped the panormic image i then went on the internet and fond a picture of the car used in chitty chitty bang bang. After using the magnetic lasso tool in photoshop i then placed the car in the sky to make it look like it was flying over the James Graham Building.

James graham chitty

This is the final image for the task set.

Spot Colour

Spot 1

This is the spot colour that i took on my camera and it hasn’t been edited in anyway

Fast 7

This is the image i have edited in photoshop showing spot colour. I did this by de saturating the whole image so it was almost black and white, then i used the history eraser tool to go over the orange and blue paintwork on the car. Overall i feel this has a very good effect and really makes the cars paintwork stand out.


This was the photograph before i edited it in photoshop.

Retouch assignment

Cameron Tractor

This is the original picture i am using to retouch

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 18.15.47

Firstly i used the clone stamp tool to give the subject in the photo multiple arms and heads.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 18.09.38

I then selected the rim of the tractor that was originally yellow and changed the hue to make the front rim pink and the rear one yellow

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 18.11.55

This is my final outcome from the task set.

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